The Formation & Early Years

Hamilton Coat Of Arms

he Band was formed in 1856 and was first known as 'The Primrose Flute'.  This was later changed to the 'Queen Victoria Flute Band'.  The name was finally changed to its present title of 'Hamilton Flute Band', in honour of the late Duke of Abercorn, then The Most Noble Marquis of Hamilton, when he first stood successfully as a candidate for Londonderry City Imperial Government.  We have gained permission from the present Duke of Abercorn to use the family Coat of Arms as seen above.  We use the Crest on our concert dress tunic, and on our stationary.

The inscription around the Garter is HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE and as I have been informed by my more learned colleagues, interprets to

Evil To Those Who Evil Thinks.

The motto on the crest is SOLA NOBILITAT VIRTUS and this roughly translates to

Virtue Is The Only Nobility.

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